Author Brian Cauley

Brian Cauley is the Podcast Producer Workstudy at the Banff Centre for the 2012 Winter term. During that time he is telling the incredible stories and showcasing the amazing sounds of the Banff Centre. He is an audio producer, host, poet, musician, writer, photographer, designer and business owner with an intense passion for connecting with people. Before becoming the owner of Soundframe, an audio production house in Toronto, he was completing a Masters at Ryerson University. There Brian wrote a thesis on the effects of audio production choices and their relation to audience interpretation. He used a poetry-podcast, Well Versed, as the example to showcase audio’s ability to transport and transform an audience. Well Versed Brian uses Sound Art and Spoken Word to discuss common topics like war and tradition. Brian is also the host and producer of School of Hustle Radio, a show that tells stories of people turning something out of nothing in the most interesting and inspiring ways. Running Soundframe has allowed Brian to work on several projects, including an upcoming mixed-media installation entitled “Analog Instant Messaging” that will appear in Art of the Danforth. Brian has also worked on several audio documentaries and dramas as both producer, host, and voice actor. He has worked in campus/ community radio for several years as Spoken Word Director, Producer and On-Air Personality at CFXU in Antigonish, NS. There, along with the beginnings of Well Versed, he hosted various news, music, and talk shows. Brian was inspired by art at the age of 7 through his first exposure to poetry, Shel Silverstein’s A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends, while successfully recovering from brain surgery. At age 14 Brian’s work was first published in a poetry anthology. At that age he also discovered his love for public-speaking by discussing surviving and recovering from the removal of a brain tumor at public fundraiser. Since then Brian went on to work in radio at CFXU and print-journalism at the Xaverian Weekly. While working there Brian received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting with a Minor in Philosophy from St. Francis Xavier University. It was during his time at CFXU and a co-op placement at IBM that he realized his true passion and turned away from accounting to pursue a career in radio. Also an award-winning poet and photographer, Brian’s work has been featured on websites like Ardire, Talent Egg, and BlogTO.

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