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Brian Cauley is the Podcast Producer Workstudy at the Banff Centre for the 2012 Winter term. During that time he is telling the incredible stories and showcasing the amazing sounds of the Banff Centre. He is an audio producer, host, poet, musician, writer, photographer, designer and business owner with an intense passion for connecting with people. Before becoming the owner of Soundframe, an audio production house in Toronto, he was completing a Masters at Ryerson University. There Brian wrote a thesis on the effects of audio production choices and their relation to audience interpretation. He used a poetry-podcast, Well Versed, as the example to showcase audio’s ability to transport and transform an audience. Well Versed Brian uses Sound Art and Spoken Word to discuss common topics like war and tradition. Brian is also the host and producer of School of Hustle Radio, a show that tells stories of people turning something out of nothing in the most interesting and inspiring ways. Running Soundframe has allowed Brian to work on several projects, including an upcoming mixed-media installation entitled “Analog Instant Messaging” that will appear in Art of the Danforth. Brian has also worked on several audio documentaries and dramas as both producer, host, and voice actor. He has worked in campus/ community radio for several years as Spoken Word Director, Producer and On-Air Personality at CFXU in Antigonish, NS. There, along with the beginnings of Well Versed, he hosted various news, music, and talk shows. Brian was inspired by art at the age of 7 through his first exposure to poetry, Shel Silverstein’s A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends, while successfully recovering from brain surgery. At age 14 Brian’s work was first published in a poetry anthology. At that age he also discovered his love for public-speaking by discussing surviving and recovering from the removal of a brain tumor at public fundraiser. Since then Brian went on to work in radio at CFXU and print-journalism at the Xaverian Weekly. While working there Brian received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting with a Minor in Philosophy from St. Francis Xavier University. It was during his time at CFXU and a co-op placement at IBM that he realized his true passion and turned away from accounting to pursue a career in radio. Also an award-winning poet and photographer, Brian’s work has been featured on websites like Ardire, Talent Egg, and BlogTO.
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Dancing with accountability

Inside an open meeting room I’m standing in front of of my partner balancing on one foot, the other out in the air, pressed against hers. Slowly we release our feet backwards as if some imaginary force has pushed us apart like two negatively charged magnets. “This is what it looks like when you reject feedback,” says our facilitator.

I’m taking part in the morning session of the Banff Centre’s Leadership Workshop Building Accountability. The program, run by  Motus O Dance Theatre, uses movement and dance to communicate leadership concepts. Facilitators Cynthia Croker and Jack Langenhuizen, along with Ed McKenzie and Diana Theodores, take participants through a series of exercises aimed at explaining high-level concepts in new ways, enlightening managerial challenges.

Cynthia Croker and Jack Langenhuizen (right) from Motus O. Photo: Kim Williams.

People, mostly at the middle management level, bring their own professional challenges to the workshop, and the facilitators have everyone moving in rhythmic fashion to music (or, dancing) every day. Each movement is designed to make physical and intellectual connections to finding solutions.

Participants identify work challenges early in the workshop, and facilitators address each one. Crocker says the process is like a relay. It starts with Diana Theodores taking everyone through theatre exercises, focusing on presentation and voice. Then Ed McKenzie digs deep into individual challenges, followed by the whole company creating choreography to illustrate ideas and solutions.

People in the program are all encouraged to play, a large part of releasing creativity and finding personal and professional growth. Croker and Langenhuizen say that play is natural to us, and it helps to remove managers from more measurable and traditionally corporate activities. But getting them out of rigid mindsets can be a challenge in itself. As Langenhuizen puts it, “We have to force ourselves to play, or schedule it in.”

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Podcast: An interview with Jill Barber

Jill Barber, in the Hemingway Studio, Leighton Artists' Colony. Photo: Kim Williams.

For the past three weeks, singer/songwriter Jill Barber has been working on new music in The Banff Centre’s Leighton Artists’ Colony. In the circular Hemingway Studio in the woods, Jill isolated herself to write songs for the followup to her 2011 album, Mischievous Moon.

In the final days of her stay, Jill took time out of writing and recording to talk with me about love, inspiration, being married to CBC Radio 3 host and author Grant Lawrence and touring across Canada.

What is love? In a word, everything.

Listen to the interview now and keep your eyes on the blog for a video we shot in Jill’s studio.

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Podcast: Puppet Theatre Intensive

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop inspires creativity and imagination during The Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive.

Participants make puppets of their own that often reflect their personality. Photo: Manuela Buechting.

In January, 24 participants came to The Banff Centre to take part in a Puppet Theatre Intensive lead by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop. Little did they know that over the next 2 weeks they would enter a world of imagination and collaboration; one where puppets made the rules.

No matter what the object is…the right person putting their energy into that object makes it alive.

In this episode of The Banff Centre Podcast you’ll hear program facilitator Juanita Dawn and participants Tangle Caron & Chris Duthie tell the story of how puppets inspired them in magical ways.

Listen to the podcast and then check out The Old Trout Puppet Workshop’s performance, Ignorance, on Thursday March 15, and Friday March 16 in the Margaret Greenham Theatre.

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So what is a Royal Canoe?

Royal Canoe came to the Banff Centre to play songs from their new EP – Today We’re Believers.

Members of Royal Canoe work hard to create a sound that is as diverse as the group. Photo: Royal Canoe.

Royal Canoe, a 6 piece ensemble from Winnipeg, came to the Banff Centre last Friday to play The Club. The band is on a tour that will take them through Texas and Toronto promoting their new EP, Today We’re Believers. 

The show was everything I expected – energetic, engaging, and completely down to earth. The band beautifully evokes an air of complexity and diversity in their sound while still remaining approachable.

Sometimes just  a sound or a tone or something can spark some sort of image in your head and then you end up writing a song.

I sat down with singer and guitarist Bucky Driedger to talk about the band’s unique sound, intense work-ethic, and the exact definition of a royal canoe.

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Royal Canoe Plays Tonight!

Armed with a five-keyboard super-weapon Royal Canoe prepares to rock The Club tonight a 8pm.

6-piece Royal Canoe play The Club tonight. Photo: Royal Canoe.

Winnipeg’s Royal Canoe is a 6 piece ensemble that plays what they describe as energetic, catchy-complex music. The band just began a tour to promote their new EP, Today We’re Believers, and are already looking forward to a new album. While the band’s first release CO OP Mode is still new, having only been released in mid-2010, they plan on playing entirely new music on this tour.

The rhythmic syncopation between handclaps, effect-riddled guitar licks, and multiple voices has the music of Royal Canoe existing somewhere within dance, ambient, electronic, and a pop-rock sound that is sure to captivate.The tour will take them down to Texas to play SXSW and up to Toronto to play NXNE, two music and arts conferences where they hope to gain industry exposure. In addition to the hope of increased recognition, singer and guitarist Bucky Driedger says:

the best memories of being on tour are just of that…being on tour.

The work-ethic of these 6 young men is evident in the rave-reviews they’ve already received. Check out the video below of Royal Canoe playing live and then be sure to catch them tonight at 8pm in The Club.



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5 Minutes with Dallas Green

Dallas Green of City and Colour sat down for an interview to talk performing, song-writing, and taking photos on tour.

City and Colour played the Eric Harvie Theatre. Photo: James Arnold.

On the 21st day of their cross-Canada tour, City and Colour stopped at the Eric Harvie Theatre to play a sold-out show. Guitarist and lead-singer Dallas Green’s fragile voice and vulnerable lyrics were able to captivate the large audience, providing the right setting for a truly memorable show.

Before the band performed, Dallas sat down in a small room back-stage to talk about his inspirations, performing with people like Gord Downie and Ron Sexsmith, and how he feels when compared to Joni Mitchell or Neil Young.

Dallas Green's heartfelt and haunting lyrics captivates a packed crowd. Photo: James Arnold.

My song-writing process is…I sit and play guitar and whatever pops into my head is what becomes a City and Colour song.

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