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0 Daniel Lanois inspires at The Banff Centre

Daniel Lanois is a Canadian guitarist and songwriter known for producing many of the best-selling and critically acclaimed albums of the modern era. He’s worked with artists such as Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris, The Killers, Sinead O’Connor, Willie Nelson, Robbie Robertson, Neil Young, and U2.
And now, he’s worked with the audio engineering practicum participants at The Banff Centre.

0 Seeking the 5 Dimensions of Centered Leadership

“When we have self-awareness, we have choice. We can see our habitual patterns of mind and action and can chose differently to create different outcomes when our habits limit us,” says Lavoie. “I cannot lead others if I cannot lead myself. My ability to engage others in something new starts with my ability to see the world anew, shift my mindsets, step out of my comfort zone, tap into my own source of hopes, face my own fears, and stand in uncertainty. I cannot do this from a depleted energetic state.”

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