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0 Second generation of profound learning at The Banff Centre’s Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute

At the age of 14, a note came to Kaaren addressed from Banff, Alberta. Unlike the others, this letter was written specifically for her. While taking part in a 6-week Leadership Development program at The Banff Centre, her father shared how the courses were making a real difference in helping shape his outlook on leadership; not only how it applied to his work, but also to his community and family.

0 Innovation and Communications Residency with Integrated Sustainability

As part of a three-day Innovation and Communications Residency, put on by Leadership Development at The Banff Centre, the duo were joined by two other organizations and a creative entrepreneur, with facilitation and guest faculty sessions from Banff Centre artists scheduled around periods of focused work. The Innovation and Communications Residency supports teams and organizations in communicating a new idea and strategically identifying and leveraging the resources necessary to move it forward.

0 Challenging the chance of the Cheshire Cat’s smile

“Look at the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. In the story it left a smile and disappeared. Maybe certain things can exist without the particle, without the cat in this case. The notion of the smile comes back to dichotomous thinking. There is more than one science, more than one way to look at things.”

0 Seeking the 5 Dimensions of Centered Leadership

“When we have self-awareness, we have choice. We can see our habitual patterns of mind and action and can chose differently to create different outcomes when our habits limit us,” says Lavoie. “I cannot lead others if I cannot lead myself. My ability to engage others in something new starts with my ability to see the world anew, shift my mindsets, step out of my comfort zone, tap into my own source of hopes, face my own fears, and stand in uncertainty. I cannot do this from a depleted energetic state.”

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