Junior Reporters go behind the scenes at The Banff Centre Children’s Festival

What do you get when you combine popcorn, a ladder, glue, a smoking film projector & a hilarious performer? Tom Flanagan performing his crazy clown moves in Kaput! Kaput is a funny mix of comedy and acrobatics for all ages. By using simple props, a silent movie concept and lots of action that involves his audience, words are not required in this performance to make everyone laugh.


Throwback Thursday with a twist of Convergence

Today, JPL features state-of-the-art facilities for media arts, photography and sound recording. It’s the perfect place to host installations during Convergence: an international summit on art + technology at The Banff Centre from November 27 – 29.


Crossmedia meets the mountains

The Crossmedia Banff event is an opportunity for cross-pollination  between the most innovative companies and creators in motion, mobile, marketing,…