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0 “Diverse As This Land: That’s a Wrap”

At the heart of the program was a voice intensive residency that enabled participants to examine in-depth the human voice as a primary channel for cultural expression. The vocal intensive was combined with an annual concert series that revealed the spectrum of Indigenous music including folk, rock, traditional, and contemporary music genres, all influenced by their distinct cultures.

0 A Stampede for the Senses

Heavily grounded in the theme of horse culture, Tono spans plains traditions in Asia and North America with a storyline about shamanism (the extraordinary ability to communicate with nature and the spirit world). The production explores the relationship between humans and horses throughout history in terms of work, war, and play.

0 ‘Counting on People’ by artist Neïl Beloufa

This past July, Neïl and four of his crew members spent three weeks in Banff shooting the footage for both video works, throughout the Park, the town site, and on campus in the Rice Studio with the green screen, the library reading room, Lloyd Hall, as well as the motion capture studio

0 It’s Time to #ConvergeBanff

At Convergence you will find creators with radically difference approaches to art. Whether they are dancers, visual artists, digital wizards, or creative revolutionaries, they are connected by the ways that they use interactive media to push the envelope and reinvent reality.

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